Backcountry Tour

Ride in a 6-seater 4 wheeler (seats 5 guests & our driver)

6 hour tour, you will be driven into areas that will amaze you with beauty.

$275 per person (min 2 or $550 for single) – snacks and picnic included, equipment for your adventure provided.

$100 per child 12 or younger

  • Bring your camera, hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, layered clothing, jacket, rain gear, boots, comfy shoes to walk in.

Your tour will be customized to the following choices.

Photography,  Fishing (grayling, lake trout, burbot),  Pan for Gold,  Wildlife viewing (caribou, grizzly bear, moose, wolves, coyote, lynx, foxes, muskrat, beaver, ptarmigan),  Birdwatching (golden and bald eagle, northern hawk owl, white owl, arctic warbler, spruce grouse, gray-cheeked thrush, red-necked phalarope, long-tailed jaeger, arctic tern, raven, fox sparrow, tundra swan, trumpeter swan, gray jay, fox sparrow, white crowned sparrow, bank swallows, yellow warbler, to name a few! ),  Hiking, climbing,  Waterfall Tour

PackRafting?     We offer drop-off service for your adventure! 

Fishing at the Waterfall
Summer Waterfall Tour
Waterfall before descent
In the Defender on our way!