Campground – tent campers enjoy an incredible spot looking at Clearwater Mountain. $15 per camper, includes an indoor bathhouse a short walk from your camp site. A few RV spots for self-contained RVs. $15 per occupant in RV. (Pay at the bar)  Please email or call to reserve a spot – we will 100% book in hunting season (Aug – Sept).* Lodge Phone: 907.203.1057

C&B (Camp and Breakfast) If you want to C&B, just let us know when you pay in the bar – add $17 per person for breakfast in the morning in the Main Lodge.

Need a shower or to do laundry? Are you out hunting or on a long hiking trip? $10 for shower, $5 to wash a load of laundry and $5 to dry a load of laundry. (Pay at the bar)*

Basic campground room (2 single beds) without breakfast is $120 for single occupancy, $140 for double occupancy and use of the indoor bathhouse located a short walk from your room.*

*Prices subject to change based on fuel costs/economy


2 large charcoal grills are located in the campground for any guest to use. Please bring your own charcoal or we have small zip lock bags & lighter fluid for sale. 

*Please do not bring spruce beetle damaged wood to burn in our campground, thank you!